Welcome to the Hulbert one-name study website.

Three main types of content are planned, and I hope to gradually increase the amount of information uploaded:

  • Pedigrees/family trees of Hulberts and Hurlbatts
  • Pages of information and discussion about the families
  • A blog for news and viewers comments

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Details of individual Hulberts and their family trees can be seen on a sub-website using different software (TNG).  It contains one “Tree” for Hulbert families and another for Hurlbutts – within each tree individuals are given a “Branch” label to indicate which family/ies they belong to.  I hope to add a third tree containg all the “orphans”  who cannot be linked to any family.

Each page giving details of an individual contains a “Suggest” tab and I welcome comments, corrections and suggestions.

To look at these trees click here

Note to other researchers of the Hulberts:

I chose to put the results of my own research on this site, hosted by the Guild of One Name Studies, because the Guild offers the unique guarantee of preservation after my death. I would be very pleased if you would like to give longevity to your own research, either by adding it to this site or by bequeathing it to me/my successor/the Guild in your will.

I intend to set up other Users with their own passwords and with rights to add and manage their own (WordPress) pages and (TNG) trees.

Please contact me if you are interested, or if you would like a link to your website to be added or removed on the Links page or if you would just like to contribute to the blog (Posts page).

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