Early Hulberts

There are number of references to Hulbert/Hurlebat in various catalogues of early manuscripts, listed below in date order.

Date Place Person Type Source
1407 Chichester William Hurlebat mayor of the Staple Writ of extent TNA C241/198/20
1416 London Robert Hurlebat servant/executor
of Nicholas Agheton fishmonger deceased
Writ of Extent TNA C242/210/15
1423 London Executors of Robert Hurlebat fishmonger deceased (his widow Joan now married to Thomas Wiche fishmonger. Debtor is of Basingstoke Hants) Writ of Extent TNA C241/217/19
1465-83 Weybridge William Hurlebat one of 5 feoffees of land
under will of John Wodeham
Chancery suit TNA C1/34/45
1483-85 Northumberland John Hurlbald Chancery suit TNA C1/65/185
1332 Overton and Fyfield John Hurlebatt assessed for 3s 4d Taxation List SOG 65622
1332 Ansty William Hurlebatt master (preceptor?) of the Hospitallers (Knights of St John) 26s 11d
Taxation List SOG 65622

The most interesting as a possible ancestor of some of the Hulberts of Corsham is entry 45 in the Kingston Papers:

1437 Indented charter of Wm. Seyntgeorge Esq* and Joan his wife, granting to Thos. Hulberd and Edith his wife, Bynehayes in Trol, between a close of the Abbess of Shaftesbury and John Wilshote’s. Wit., Thos. Hall. Wm. Besile, Nicholas Hall, &c. dated feast of St Richard, (Ap. 3) 15 H. 6.

These papers were found in Kingston House, the home of the Hall family of Bradford on Avon. Trol must refer to Trowle, now surviving as a common between Bradford and Trowbridge. ( see The Wiltshire Archeological and Natural History Magazine Vol 1 1854 page 288 – available as Google ebook)

A family of Hurlbutt spread from Farnham in Surrey across the county boundary into Hampshire in the 16th century but I have not found any connection to the Hulberts of Stockbridge . *It is interesting that John Hurlbatt of this family chose a William Saintgeorge of Wonston Hampshire as an overseer and trustee of his will in 1585/86

There were Hurlbutts in the 15th century and later in eastern Wiltshire (along a line from Great Ogbourne through Marlborough to Wootton Bassett) who seem distinct from the Hulberts in and around Corsham to the west. A few of these moved west around 1700 into Brinkworth and Lyneham and during the next 100 years their name changed first to Hulbart and then to Hulbert.