Heralds’ Visitations

Hampshire    (1530 1575 1622 1634 collected by Richard Mundy in Harleian MS 1544, edited by W Harry Rylands and published by Harleian Society 1913)


The pedigree of Thomas Twyne of Grewell has some similarites with the will of Thomas Twyne of Shaldon written 21/12/1562

Thomas is of Grewell
Thomas has lands at Grewell, and many other places

Thomas and his wife Clemence Chapman have children Thomas Alexander Oliver and Anne wife of James Style
Thomas, wife unknown, has children Thomas Alexander Oliver and Agnes wife of James Searle

The pedigree does not include Thomas’s second marriage to Avis dau. of John Hunt of Bentworth, previously married to Swithin Kingswell and later to john Hurlbatt
Thomas’s will recites a settlement whereby some of his property was to be bequeathed to any children he had by Avis [there were none].  He refers to “Margaret Searle daughter unto the said James Searle and Annes my wife and my goddaughter” which might suggest that he married Anne between Clemence and Avis or that Annes is a mistake for Avis.

Thomas has a brother John who has sons Lawrence and Thomas
Thomas has a nephew Lawrence and a brother John who has a son Thomas

Thomas’s father is William Twyne of Bullington but his pedigree does not include cousins. His brother John marries the heiress of William Peper of Canterbury.
Thomas has cousins William Twyne of Canterbury and William Twyne of Winchester

Hurlebatt and Kingswell

This combined pedigree shows Avis Hunt’s marriages to Swithin Kingswell and John Hurlebatt but omits her second husband Thomas Twynne of Shaldon
John Hurlebatt’s marriage to Avice Twyne on 19/8/1568 is recorded in the parish register of Wield (Hampshire Archives)